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Ashley from the blog Cherished Bliss is no stranger to DIY. She has shared her remodeling adventures on her blog for many years. When she purchased a historic home built in 1865 a renovation of the outdated kitchen was expected.

Ashley’s overall goal was to create a farmhouse kitchen with modern touches and refresh the look of her home. Her CliqStudios kitchen designer, Anne-Marie guided her through the process, helping her find the perfect design and layout. 

I was quite giddy to see the estimate and how much money I’d be saving!  

Ashley Thurman
Creator of Cherished Bliss

Finding Ashley's Style

 Ashley's dream of having inset cabinets was possible and within her budget by using CliqStudios Austin cabinets. 

Ashley made the bold decision to eliminate upper cabinets from the design. With smart storage solutions and cabinets surrounding the refrigerator, having space for everything wasn’t a concern. The kitchen has a built-in, customized look, featuring CliqStudios Carbon black cabinets.

Austin Carbon

I worked directly with a kitchen designer and she sent me 3D mock ups allowing me to easily visualize color choices. 

Ashley Thurman
Creator of Cherished Bliss

Cherished Bliss kitchen - final result

The Final Result

Ashley hopes her decision to combine rustic and modern elements, will inspire other DIYers. Ashley enjoyed getting to bring her dream kitchen to life with CliqStudios. The final result is a stunning kitchen with rustic modern farmhouse style.

I had seen CliqStudios on IG quite a bit, but never really dug into their cabinet options...I was pleasantly surprised to see the options I wanted. I will admit I was hesitant, but after some research I reached out to them and it was one of the best decisions I made for our kitchen.

Ashley Thurman
Creator of Cherished Bliss

Modern Rustic Kitchen Design Inspiration
Let’s talk design because I truly feel that you should always design a kitchen before starting to shop for the actual items. There were certain things I knew I wanted without a doubt in my mind, and then there were some things that just sort of happened organically throughout the process.


What Cherished Bliss Wrote About This Kitchen

Rustic Modern Kitchen Renovation
I’m beyond thrilled to finally share our Rustic Modern Kitchen Renovation with you! This is definitely one of the biggest projects we’ve ever taken on. We even installed our very own cabinets from CliqStudios. But before we jump into all the pretty pictures you guys have to see the before.


How to Install Kitchen Cabinets Yourself
Now that I have officially shared our full kitchen reveal with you I thought I would share a tutorial for one of the most asked questions I got. “Did we install the kitchen cabinets ourselves?” We 100% did! And it was not nearly as scary as I thought it would be.


Tips for a DIY Kitchen Remodel
Remodeling a kitchen is no easy task. It takes lots of time, planning, and constantly readjusting your plans. When we bought this house we knew it would be lots of work, but boy did we underestimate that!


How to Plan a Kitchen Remodel
You've finally decided to plan a kitchen remodel. I won't lie, this is one of the biggest home related project you will ever take on...But that's all going to be okay, you will make it through and you will be left with a gorgeous kitchen and all the misery will disappear with the construction debris.



About Ashley From Cherished Bliss 

Ashley is the one behind the blog Cherished Bliss. With her family she chronicles her remodeling and travel adventures.

She loves the smell of fresh sawdust. Her love for building and DIY was a combination of growing up with a very handy dad and her love of theatre in high school where she worked on the technical side of plays. She will always love coffee and wishes she didn’t enjoy an ice-cold coke, but she 100% does.


I was quite giddy to see the estimate and how much money I’d be saving!  

- Ashley
Cherished Bliss

Finding Ashley's Style